This a teaser for the Second Series of my Adventures with the Viekat. Here you will glimpse the lull in the Silent Wars that have been waged on Earth. These are not the main characters of this book, this just serves as a tie into between two Series. I would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative for this. WARNING: You might be a little lost in the sauce if you don’t read my first post about the two series.



Today is a very special day for us, it is the 50th anniversary of the Return of our people to Viekas and the day we, The Chosen, began our eternal watch over Earth and our Blood that has yet to return home. From that fateful day, as the Seer of the Blood, I have been blind and have not had an unprovoked vision. Our lives have been happy and peaceful since that Bloody day, but I can feel a pressure building in the air again, just as in that last day. These 50 years have quiet for us, but as the Seat of The Blood I have learned to be leery of the reticent, as have we all. Time is keeping secrets from us again and I can feel a storm brewing on the horizon.

I watch as my mate, Tristian glides through the water effortlessly with Molly and Loucius close at heel. He is almost unrecognizable from the man that he has become when I think back to that first year before we found each other in the Blood.

“Mirlayna are we expecting company,” Tristian asks as he jumps out of the pool and makes for the entrance of the pool. Molly and Loucius move like lightening to his side, their wet fur raised on their backs, ready to take down whatever is lurking in the darkness.

“Everyone that we are expecting is here,” I tell him, as I quickly count my nieces and nephews around the pool. We had invited those few left in the town to come and celebrate, but none had taken the invitation. Many left in town were of the old ways, still living separated from each other, holding to the old Blood Laws, so mixing with those at the top of the hill was out of the question. But we made sure they had a full celebration of their own, at the Base and we made an appearance to show our support of them.

Sensing the movement out in the forest, Renly and Rynald, run out of the cabin each armed with small blades concealed in the palms of their hands. Our children are all too young to have the Blood memories of our lives before them, so concealing weapons has become an art form for all us. Moon Light has been at peace the Exodus, faded into legend, believed destroyed in the war. But the rest of the world is still a dangerous place for those of the Light, so we remain on guard. The men stealthily move to cover the pools in case anyone or anything gets by Tristian, which it never does. We all know too well there are worse things lurking in the darkness of our lands, then the wolves that are now at home inside of us again.

Since the war subsided, all the rogue Vampyres and Lycan have inhabited the edges of Moon Light’s territory and occasionally they are not so nice neighbors, hunting for Blood inside the House’s boundary lines.  Their Leader and Blood council member Iveth Zamora has worked hard to keep the peace between Moon Light and her own Pack of Rogues, though she is not a fan of all the protocols required of Blood members. I can feel her moving through the moonlit shadows of the forest just beyond the House’s border.

I reach out to her, silently warning her not to move another inch. “Tristian, it is Iveth. Please go get her and bring only her in. Her Alpha can wait outside.” Normally I have a lot of patience for the women and her wolf, but as of late her pack has been challenging’s Moon Light’s inhabitants and they have attacked a few of the kennel puppies that have innocently wondered into the forest. I know that my Loucius is out for Blood and I fear that he will have it one of these days, but I am determined to not have it be this day.

Tristian leads Iveth through the last remaining entrance to the House’s barrier and I can tell that she is not too happy to not have her own escort. I reach out and embrace her to welcome her to the celebration, but as usual she stands stiff in my arms. It is progress though, 25 years ago she would have went for my jugular and we really would have had a mess on our hands. “Iveth, welcome I am glad you decided to join us.” I knew when I invited her that she would not attend, so this was a welcome surprise.

Iveth pulls away out of my arms. “I am not here for your celebration. We are still at war as far as I am concerned, so all of this is misguided folly. I am here to warn your pets that there are new feral Lycans in the area. We have yet to incept them, but I can tell they are not here to join my Pack, they are reckoning and I will not tolerate that intrusion on my grounds.” Her fangs are bare in a move of dominance and everyone in the pools, including the children can feel the change in the air. Her body stiffens defensively to show that she will not back down to anyone.

Tristian moves to my side defensively placing his arm across my swollen belly. Loucius and Molly move in front of us and I can tell that they would strike if she took one inch forward.  “Our Familiars are not Pets, just as your Lycans are not mutts, as some would call them. I would appreciate if you would stow your fangs around my family please. The pack chased those Lycan out of the state last night, but we thank you for your warning. I am sure Renly can take your patrol out to where we found their tracks and where we chased them out of the area, if you would like.” Tristian’s skin begins to shimmer, only as a threat from his wolf to the Vampyre in front of him. They both could sense the uncontrolled Blood lust beginning to boil in her heart and knew that she was having a hard time controlling her deadly urges, even though we knew she had not taken a life in over 23 years.

Iveth’s hands move to her mouth in a momentary blushing moment. I can tell that she had not been aware that her fangs had come out. “I apologize for my condition, I should have fed before I came. No insult was meant by it, Tristian.” Her face softens as she looks at my pregnant belly and I can feel her mind searching out a way through my defenses. I can tell it is an innocent assault on my body, curiosity of the children growing inside of me. I open myself up and let her see the children dreaming inside of me, curled into each other. Her mind marvels at their little toes and their fingers reaching out to her as they feel her presence around them. Even now they are aware of their magic and know how to probe through others in their domain. I silently reassure them that she is a friend and they can show her things if they would like, but as children do, they often shy away.

I can feel her mind recede from my body and her face hardens again, only her voice gives away how the moment has touched her. She reaches out mindlessly to touch my belly, only to have it swatted away by Tristian. I give him a silently scolding and take her hand in mind and place it on my belly. “They are due in a few weeks and I would like it, if you would consent to be there. You know it is tradition to have all the Women of The Blood there for the Births of the heirs and you are part of us. We ALL want you there.” I can tell she doesn’t believe my words, so I show her the past when I shared with my family the due date of our children and the women of The Blood all asked if she would be there for the birth. I showed her the truth of the day and feelings that each of the women shared that they would like to have her there. “Do you see that you truly are a part of us, no matter what our Mates words say out loud?” I shoot Tristian a look of steel and it gives him a firm slap in his mind and I can tell he gets my point.

“Iveth, I am sorry. My wolf tends to get the better of me when anyone gets near our children. Please, you are welcome here anytime.” Tristian’s face softens and his wolf’s control begins to subside. I can feel the wolf settling in, keeping one eye on the women in front of us and most of his attention on my swollen belly and his new play mates inside.

There was a true sincerity in Tristian’s words, carried out on the wind and I know she can feel that his heart is genuine. Just then our twins reach out and touch her hand through my womb and a flash goes off in her mind, like a grenade. She jumps back, grabbing her hand back from mine and asks what that was. I just smile and tell her, “the children are both Seers and as with other Seers I can’t see it unless they show me. That was something just for you. They like to play with people. May I see what they showed you?”

Reluctantly she steps back towards me and shows me the flash of a man’s face, his strong, angular features are obviously Lycan and I can see what he is, instantly. The children found her other half, but I knew it would be a breach of their trust and against the rules to tell her. They sense his heart lurking in the world somewhere near, but the flash was from the winter and the tree’s glowing were distinctly Moon Light.  I guard my mind from this recognition, careful not to alarm her with my defenses.

“You aren’t going to tell me, are your,’ she silently asks.

Her mind begins to retreat into her loneliness and then her thoughts drift to her half crazed sister, the reason she came to Moon Light and I see she is ready to leave. “It is not mine to tell, you will just have to be there when these two are born and have that conversation with them.” I smile at her and walk her back to the portal into the forest. Before she can leave, I put my arms around her again and for the first time she embraces me for a moment and then she is gone.

Tristian slips his arms around me again and we watch as Iveth retreats into the shadow of the forest. “You know Love, I do think she is warming up to you. Thank you for your sincere effort to try to pave the way between you two,” I silently whisper while his hands press against the slumbering twins in my belly.

“Well I think the frost in her heart is thawing because of you my Love, but I think some of the credit goes to my pups in her,” he whispers in my ear as he gently pats my stomach.

A chill begins to take me over as the forest’s shadows melt away any trace of our guest and the glowing red eyes of her escorts begin to blink out, like little red stars disappearing in dawn’s first rays. The chill wasn’t new to me, but it had been 50 years since I had felt Time sending me a warning like this. “Do you feel that,” I ask silently, careful to shield myself from my other family members. Our Blood bonds still allow us to share each other’s powers, but Tristian is the only one that can feel Time’s embrace pulling me into It. I hold tight to Tristian and pull him with me through the veils of Time. The children begin to stir in my womb, suddenly aware that there was something new to be experienced and I can tell that Time is welcoming them too. My children were both Seer’s and would hold special sway over Time as I do, a fact that I know will worry Tristian and that others.

Tristian’s arms tighten around and the twins are almost doing somersaults inside me, in anticipation of what is to come. A room begins to build around us and we recognize it instantly, it is one of the interior rooms of the Light compound, on the Isle of Sky. We are suddenly surround by a pack of wolves that neither of us recognize and the Largest, most dominant of the two Alphas crashes through us and sets upon a man’s throat. To our surprise the man does not unleash his wolf or level any kind of magical defense against this attack. It is almost as if he surrenders to it.

“Mir, you see who it is, don’t you?” Tristian moves closer to the man as his Blood flows helplessly into the floor, its magic being absorbed back into the roots of the compound. As the wolf retreats back to his compatriots, Tristian reaches out and stops the movie around us, to get a better look at the man’s face. “Can you feel when this is going to happen? Can it be stopped?” He stands up and looks around, taking the room in, looking for the usual markers of Time. The links of time are moving through all of us, connecting us to the inhabitants of the room, but the strongest link was to the blood soaked wolf and the man laying at Tristian’s feet.

I look around at the frozen scene, all the colors vibrant and alive and I know the answer to both the questions instantly. “It hasn’t happened yet, but this is as it must be. The Fates have set the last game board and we are merely observers in this for now. What do you see in the connection between those two?”

Tristian runs his finger on the connection and a fire sets a blaze in his eyes. “You are right it is the Fate’s, more accurately, The Fallen.” He looks at the blood soaked wolf with a knowing sadness. He too had been forced to take several lives and to this day he still carries the weight of each of them. He knew that the wolf would have to find a way to keep it together, if the man and the wolf were going to survive what was coming head on at them because of this action.

I take Tristian’s hand and can feel his helplessness washing over me as I pull him to me. “We should get back, she needs to be told and we need to prepare. Soon our neutrality will no longer be relevant, this game will soon spill over our borders, as The Fallen return home.”

We return to the pools quietly and guarded, there was much that had to be done covertly before Time’s warning comes to pass. We try to relax and enjoy the peaceful time with our family, putting aside what we had just witnessed. But the truth was that The Fate’s icy fingers have touched us now and we will be returning to war very soon. I can feel the twin’s questions building in my own mind and I know that soon I will not be able to distract them with the memories of my childhood and their gran’s lives. Death had touched them and there was nothing I could do about that. Moonlight would become a battlefield once again. A tiny voice begins to whisper in my mind, “His Blood shall run, as it shall be and he shall not fight it because in his Blood, the Fallen shall awaken again.”  I know that my twins see the truth in what we have just witnessed. I look at Tristian and can tell he has heard the words as well. We share a moment of fear between us and then press it down, war is coming, but life must go on here in Moon Light, for now.


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