The Crested – WANING BLOOD

When Mirlayna Zamora is pulled through the veils of Time and taken on guided tour of the recent past, she is lead to the discovery of the lost part of a Prophecy that was born the day her people, The Viekat when they crashed on earth thousands of years ago and she is drawn into a silent war that has been raging for Millennia. One moment she is sitting on a hill with what she thinks is her dog and the next she is thrust on a bumpy ride of the past, as Loucius, her Black Lab protector. In that moment he reveals what he truly is and who she truly must become in order to save the Earth and her Home Planet Viekas from a maniacal Ancient named Elva Zaldarious. She will find the real reason that her family was attacked and forced to run from their home of Moon Light.

Mirlayna must learn to use her broken magic to navigate the Veils of Time by tethering her heart to friends and family and experience their past, all to lead her to the path of the The Light and The Prophecy. Along this path she will discovery that The Light, the true guardians of the Prophecy have been in open war against the Purest, who believe that the prophecy will destroy them.

As she walks through Time’s heart, she is carried through moments in her past and other’s past, all to arm her for the future that is now waiting for her to waken, she will uncover answers to questions burning in her heart, of which have been hidden throughout Time.

Along this journey she will gather 12 unlikely Viekat (the prophesized) to the Light and find out why her parents disappeared without a trace, eight years ago. Life is not as it seems and as she finds her way and on her path she will find the strength, family and love to lead her people home or to strand them here on earth forever. She will also find that The Seer’s mantra, “All is, as it shall be,” will be shattered by her magic Blood Bonds, with others of The Prophecy, as she becomes the most powerful mage in the history of their Blood on earth.



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