The Red Writing

I’m a budding Writing and Photographer in Southern Arizona. My writing leans toward fiction because there is enough reality in our days. Writing helps me unwind from day and gives me a creative outlet to voice personal observations about a world that I have traveled in. Settings in my book are either places I have traveled to or elements of places I lived in. I welcome all visitors to my blog and will try to respond back in a timely manner. I enjoy input, it is what makes us all better writers and will take all criticism in stride, as all artists must do to hone their craft.

My current writing projects are two series of three books, the first of which will lead into the second. I have chosen to publish the preface of the first book in the second series to people a taste of the world they will find. As I put finishing touches on the first book, I will release the preface from the first book of the first series. I hope to have the first series all together by Christmas of 2015.

I will keep you up to date on the editing of the first series and how it will be released. Remember Red is the color of Love, so love what you do and write on!


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