A LOOK BACK: To Look Forward

Have you ever wondered where Lycan, Mages and Vampyres come from? Well they all come from the Planet Viekas, the Twin to Earth in some ways,  just as our Father is Twin to their Mother.
When Mirlayna Zamora is pulled through the veils of Time and taken on guided tour of the recent past, she is lead to the discovery of the lost part of a Prophecy that was born the day her people, The Viekat crashed on earth thousands of years ago and is now drawn into a silent war that has been raging for millennia.

One moment she is sitting on a hill with what she thinks is her dog and the next she is thrust on a bumpy ride of the past, as Loucius, her Black Lab protector, watches over her body. In that moment he reveals what he truly is, her familiar and who she truly must become in order to save the Earth and her Home Planet Viekas from a maniacal Vampyre Ancient named Elva Zaldarious, the leader of the Purest. She will find the real reason that her family was attacked and forced to run from their home of Moon Light.

In her journey, Mirlayna must learn to use her broken magic to navigate the Veils of Time by tethering her heart to friends and family and experience their past, all to lead her on her path to The Light and The Prophecy. Along this path she will discovery that The Light, the true guardians of the Prophecy, have been in open war against the Purest, who believe that the prophecy will destroy them all and she and her family are a threat to their plan to destroy the Light and dominate both worlds.

As she walks through Time’s heart, she is carried through moments in her past and other’s past, all to arm her for the future that is now waiting for her to awaken Seer and Time Walker. She will uncover answers to questions burning in her heart, of which have been hidden throughout Time for her and her family to discover.

Along this journey she will gather 12 unlikely Viekat (The Prophesied) to the Light and find out why her parents disappeared without a trace, eight years ago. Life is not as it seems and as she finds her way and on her path she will find the strength, family and love to lead her people home or to strand them here on earth forever. She will also find that The Seer’s mantra, “All is, as it shall be,” will be shattered by her magic Blood Bonds, with others of The Prophecy and as she becomes the most powerful Mage in the history of their Blood on earth, she will have to risk everything to save Earth’s and Viekas’s  past, present and future.

The Cresting – Waning Blood, is the first in a two (possible three-four book series) and is in its first draft edit and polish. The beginning journey of Mirlayna and The Chosen of The Prophecy.

The Cresting – Rising Blood, the second book finds those of The Prophecy running from Moon Light to Europe and along the way learning about their magic, love and what sacrifices it will take to walk the Blood Bonded path of The Prophecy. This book is in a hand written, rough draft that is taking shape as the Second Series is being written.

The Cresting – The Chasm of Blood   –  This is a concept of a book that gives a look at how the Purests are moving around. How the First Blocks of the Prophecy are set. Starting with Ruby Zamora, the Light Leader and The Seat, Seer and Time Walker, dies in a plane crash, leaving her family in pieces and Mirlayna’s parents with no choice but to abandon their daughter and assume the mantle as the Light’s new leaders. This is a Back story and could really be released before or after the series. It will give a little insight to how Elva, the Ancient has been moving over Millenia to capture her Rightful prize, The Seat and ruler of Earth and Viekas. I will bring in The Fallen, Viekat, fused with a Fallen Warrior’s soul, who are reborn to fight the Fates War on their chosen battlefield of the Earth. These warriors are the true warriors of the Light and the Purests, stearing Human history, many times for the worst.

The Cresting – The Crested Blood, is the third and (could be four) of this series (concept) find The Purest and The Light no longer waging a silent war, as The Prophesied return to home of Moon Light. The Purest will attack on two fronts, London and Moon Light and in the end it will come down to one sacrifice to save the past, present and future of the Earth and Viekas.

The Fallen – The Gathering, is the second series, the characters introduced in the third book The Cresting – Crested Blood (these books are being written in tandem). In the First series of The Cresting, you find that we are not alone here on earth and in this Series that fact will exponentially reveal the extent of the permeation of other-worldly creatures present on earth. We will learn about the Fates and what they truly are, as the Viekat are drawn into an even older war for the control of all the heavens and all the worlds in existence. This book sheds light on human’s complicated history with the Viekat and The Fallen. The Light and the Purest factions will return with a vengeance under new Leadership.

The Fallen – The Return, this book is in concept and will cover the return to Moon Light, the internal struggle of each of The Light’s Fallen Champions and their past events that has lead them to that struggle.

The Fallen – The Claiming, this book will be about the Purest Champion and his rise to power, as he carries all ten of the Fallen inside of him. Along the way he will gather his Champions to him as he returns to Moon Light. You will see The Fallen incarnations through history, such as Cleopatra, Jehanne de Arc (Joan of Arc) and perhaps even Martha Washington and how our Purest Champion has plotted to destroy them all. This will be leading up to Jehanne, being burned at the stake and the last chapter you will see his plan to infiltrate the Blood and the Light, tying into the Cresting Series.

The Fallen – The Final Fall, this book is the last in the series, once again concept of the final battle for control of The Heavens and all the God’s in existence. Loyalties will be tested, family ties broken and betrayal abounding before the final battle

I have no plans beyond these books and hope to have the first ready for release Christmas 2017/February 2018. You will find that my books do focus on the female characters and this is not because of man-hating tendencies but because of the suppression of women in Victorian society and the lack of mainstream acknowledgment of women’s pivitol roles in history, beyond the sewing of a flag and seducing high powered men. I do not make a claim that my characters are factual, they are just based on composite of facts/speculations gathered and thrown into a completely fictional aspect of  documented events, in small parts of my books.

I am an avid reader and love series stories, but hate the delay of 6 months to year for the next book, which is why I have chose to have the first two in the first series written before release. In this process I have found that I can go back and set up the following books and make a more complete and cohesive story.

These books have taken on a life of their own and I have gone through history to find some interesting characters for you to love or hate. I welcome input, suggestions, criticism and comments, but please know, if you are a person that enjoys stirring the pot with hate and discontent, I will not respond to empty nastiness. But if your criticism is genuine, I will take it in stride and will try to respond to each comment in a timely manner. Thank you for your time and input and remember sometimes you have to look back to see forward.


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