It is all in the Comma,,, A Look Inside WANING BLOOD

I am sure that most of the world that doesn’t write, has a problem with the Comma! It isn’t a coma, it’s a COMMA. The best advice I ever got was “use the comma like a dollar bill.” In other words, don’t go floating that money in the air, making it rain, while you are writing on the page.

I say this as I am fighting my way through my first book – Waning Blood. The COMMAs are killing me.  Use For Comma Usage I included this Blog post on the rules for Comma usage to refresh you and myself on my latest currency exchange while editing.

You will see from the content I have included there is a lot of struggle with CoMMA usage.

This is the an excerpt from what I am working on:

“Del, like I said before, we have been planning this for a while. I don’t make decisions for Riley, dormant or not, she is an adult Veikat and can make them for herself. Besides, she has been asking me when we are moving for the last six months and she has been helping Felix with the preparations for a move. Are there any precautions we need to take, to get Riley through the boundaries?”

“Yes, actually there is only one. Remember the necklace I left in your truck, it was for a reason. Riley must wear it so she can enter the town’s defenses. It’s my Blood pendant and it will grant her full protection in the boundary. Please be careful and come straight here, no side stops. You know, I will have to invite Tristian, Micah, Sara, Molly and Milly over for dinner tomorrow. I feel like they will be needed in the coming days and I think Mirlayna and Riley would like kids their own age around.”

She decided to totally dismiss Ryn’s comment about her mother’s death. She had enough to worry about getting the house together. She had furniture to come up with and a big meal to cook. If Riley ate like Rynald and Mirlayna, she needed to shop too. Rynald told her that he had one client and then he would swing by home pack a bag, pick up Riley and they will be there for dinner. When they hung up, she felt relieved; they weren’t going to be alone anymore.

She set about the kitchen, making a list to call into the grocer. She decided to use her Seat power for something useful and her groceries being delivered was a good place to start. She opened the refrigerator and started going through the shelves when she hears a knock on the door. An itch started under her skin and it was making her anxious. She knew there was something dangerous on the other side of the door. She reaches her mind out, probing for what had come for her, but she was met with a heavy darkness. It was pulling her in and overtaking her own mind. It was the same dark cave that consumed her when she reached in Mirlayna. She wondered why Mir was knocking on her own door, when she had left out the back door.






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