FOR LACK OF BETTER TERMS: Are you Sick and Tired of Being SICK and TIRED? I know I am and this is my journey down a better road. I recently turned 40 and found myself looking back at what the last few years of my life had become and decided that the next years of my life needed to do a turn about from that road I have been traveling on.

I spent 10 years of my life, working hard in the Navy. I worked on Flight Lines around the world, lifting heavy equipment and when my body finally gave out, I had a doctor looking at all my scans, x-rays and MRIs, tell me “your body was not designed to do what the Navy asked it to do.” My eyes bugged out at the O2 (LT Junior Grade) in front of me, fresh out of medical school (no residency), asking me why I waited so long to report all my injuries and I calmly explained what the 2006 NAVY was really like. I first asked him if he had been in the fleet, in a squadron or out on a boat and he told me no, he had only been at the hospital in San Diego. I kindly told him that the second volume was from when I came off sea duty and my body didn’t need the high operational tempo that it had been on for the last 8 years. All my injuries had been reported when they happened and I was given Vitamin M (Motrin) and told to get back to work. I explained to him how I had dislocated my knee and restricted from the flight-line and while in a locking brace and crutch dependant, was driven out to the a turning helicopter, where a crewman lowered the ramp and helped me onto the aircraft to trouble shoot the bird for a flight because they had made me the only troubleshooter on night shift (while I was technically Light-Limited Duty). I did my job and didn’t complain because in my world, Sick in Quarters is only a Suggestion from a Doctor and the needs of the Squadron can over write at any time. I am not complaining about these obvious safety issues, I am merely stating the fact that my body is a pile of crap for a reason.

Long story short: I have Fibromyalgia, Tachycardia (not related to heart issues), osteoarthritis many major joints and lower spine, multiple bulging disks (DDD) and a myriad of other things from GI to Muscle Skeletal. So after I lost my career and fought with the VA for 2 years to have back surgery, the wait resulted in damaged nerves in my spine and arthritis in my hip and vertebrae, I gained 20lbs. Then when our father suffered from a stroke the entire family gained another 40lbs all together. So today I sit 75lbs overweight and even making small gains gets derailed with other physical issues or plain laziness.

I am sure everyone can relate to physical issues and laziness, which is why I shared my story of how I came to the journey back into fitness. My first admission is that while I know what I need to do, it is the doing them, that is the hardest thing. This journey is an honest account of Myth Busting, Laziness, water drinking and not just losing weight, but getting healthy, for myself, not anyone else. There might be a little humor in there too! (I am not sure, but I laugh a lot, that could be delirium though…)


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