Any one who uses MS Word knows there are a buncha, a buncha, a buncha short cuts built into the system. (control A, B, C, D, Z, X, V and they used to be define, but no longer) While this a great time saver for us, some of the undoing of these can be especially difficult! One such culprit would be the **** method of placing a break in your draft, manuscript, book or incoherent ramblings.

You place a bunch of these stars and then hit enter and BAAM, there is a nice line of squares separating you from the chapter, page or babbling brook you just penned. The back space will work immediately to undo this wonderful line, but if you want to use it, you just keep typing, uaware of the horror you will face later.

WARNING: There is a BIG HUGE problem with this thing! If you type above it and your paragraph doesn’t migrate through the next page, it will break up the two paragraphs with a confusing line. You can move the line by extending the paragraph with more babbling and then it will disappear or even more confusing, if will just move on to the next page! It will really make you pull your hair out! Well pull no further, I have a quick fix for all you writers afraid of asking for help!

Control A, selecting the entire document. Go to the HOME tab and select the BORDERS section characterized by a divided square made out of dotted lines. Select NO BORDERS and baam, your dotted line is gone! (the instructions are the link).

When ever I have a question or quandary I good it and this usually gets me thinking and improves my writing out put ten fold. Sometimes you mind just needs a break from the problem, subject or chapter you are on and GOOGLE is a great way to increase command of superfluous knowledge, that you can flex in your writing. The other option is waste your time on Facebook. The most important thing to remember is KEY WORDS, be brief and specific! Good Luck GOOGLING yourself!



    1. Hey I never thought about that. I use the stars at work to separate things throughout the day and made the mistake of using it in manuscript. I never had that problem when I was hand writing things, just keeping track of the notebooks (lots of them). Thanks for the comment!

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      1. I never really stopped writing by hand. I find when I’m transcribing my mind is able to focus more on the story as it is developing. Writing by hand seemed to take the place of reading in my insomnia rotation.

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