I find myself in charted waters. What is a Sailor to do?

As a Veteran of the US Navy, I have found myself in many situations that would make the ordinary man quiver, but today I face the EXTREMLY rough completion of another book (The first Book to each of my two series in rough draft) and am looking for direction. I find reading a relaxation and picked it up in the Military where I developed insomnia. But instead of putting me to sleep as military manuals always do, my mind awoke to the wonderful possibilities that exsist outside our realm of everyday life. I have since read a wide variety of books, from mystery to fantasy and yes folks, I like the Twilight Saga, by author Stephenie Meyers. But my Vampyres are no where near as romantic as the Cullens are. Think of them as power hungry Aliens (humanoid, thank you), ruled by their thirst of magic dwelling in the Blood of others of their kind, but I am straying from the reason of this post.

Now I sit here with my pink rabbit ears on, polishing my latest project and wonder what to do next. As you can see I am freshman in the writing world, though I have been writing privately for most of my life. Dabbling in poetry of the moment that is spurred on by some heartache in my life or an observation of society, I have found there is a comfort in words. Words, whether spoken aloud, written in pen or whispered in the dark can break, mend, move to tears, obliterate alliances, spurn a heart, make an enemy and even lighten the heart with forgiveness. But words do not have inertia unless acted upon by the writer to move them to a larger forum  (science nerds know what I mean) and that, for me requires a literary agent.

So today I begin the wonderful process of writing a Literary Query Letter, searching the internet for examples (again it depends on the kind of learner you are). The link I have enclosed is a list of successful letters and the Agents thoughts about the letter, which is a great help to any of you in my little boat.

I have written many resumes in my life and the best advice I ever received was to research your target and write to exactly what they are looking for. If you look at Literary House’s websites, they will tell you what they are looking for. From that point you can tweak your Literary Query Letter to the House or a specific agent at the House. I guess the thing I most took away from my research so far, is to be memorable and if you have actually met the agent, remind them of the encounter. So my fellow writers, go forth and be memorable and find another hobby, publishing is a long road. Stay tuned to photos from my latest trip downtown, Tucson AZ!


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