WHAT? No Bunny ears to put on my dog?

I do have a question for those of you out there trying to write, something, anything? My question is, do you wait to write your ideas down until you can get home or do you have to write, record or text message yourself something to get it out. I tend to find myself drifting off at night, nearly asleep, falling down that deep well into the dark abyss of mind and all it contains, when suddenly a sentence will pop in my head. I could have just finished writing or not have written a thing all day and something will pop in my mind, like; “Her fingers ran through the billowy fur of the monsterous creature, with his fangs crushing around her neck.” Suddenly the sentences just keep coming and all I can do to make it stop is to get up and pull out a notebook and start writing.

She couldn’t figure out how she had gotten in this situation with her love, but now she had pressed him to ends of madness and the only thing left for him to do was to surrender to the feral wolf at her neck. She loved him, she knew it in her heart, but her mind would not surrender the doubt that was keeping her from sinking her fangs into him. There was something that was a truth hiding in her Blood and his blood was the only key to unleashing that truth.

Hmmm, well I could truly go on for pages and pages but that would give away too much of what I am writing right now. Currently I am working from two copies and writing two different parts of a book at different times of my day. Since my characters are separated, I find this useful to keep my connections with the characters as I write. I also find it useful for ideas that come to fruition during the writing process. It helps me build in links between character backstories as well. I am curious to know anyone else’s thoughts on this method.

As far as the title of this… Well I went to the store this morning looking for bunny ears for my dog to wear to nana’s house tomorrow and my drug store didn’t get them in. I prefer the human ones and he will wear them. Sorry you will have to wait for the pictures.


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