While I love gossip rags as a diversion from sanity, I still find comfort in my Writer’s Thesaurus. It has been a fruitful love affair that given life to several chapter in my books and it all starts by just letting the page open and reading a single word. Words can create shrapnel in your mind and as you pick through it, it creates new flows of creativity or their improper use, could sink your entire sentence, paragraph or even chapter (thus for the title).

Incandescent – a lovely word that could describe the quality of light in the room, the light in one’s soul or a perfect, silent moment between two lovers. In Modern society, we have such few moments to experience this word in our digital world, let alone to use the word to describe and interaction with another person. The word you know is a living, breathing thing and this word lives in Pride and Prejudice and that one word was responsible for a many moments in my books. Just the thought of the word and its off shoots are inspiration in the creating character relationships.

There are several sites that I use just to look up a word and see the many synonyms of a word. Doing this research makes you a stronger word smith. Don’t just use one type of Thesaurus, just as you would not use the same word over and over again in your stories. Think outside the box to get to the outside of the box of your story’s journey. There are so many resources out there for you to find, each with their own merits and appeal to the type of learner that you are.

Using words properly is as important as putting gas in your vehicle. So remember to say what you mean and always use the thesaurus to trulymean what you say! I have included several jump points for this blog to get you started. Please share your other sites and ideas with us and I look forward to seeing what you have found. I do try to keep my posts low and give warnings on word count if I go long. Once again thank you for your feedback (- or +).

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