Blockhead, moving passed it…

I have found three tried and true methods of moving passed my Blockheadedness (third grade poetic license) and really do help to move you through the sludge.

MAKES NOTES – While I am writing I make notes in the margin (hand writing my rough draft gives me a personal connection to my words) because my mind is thinking about the evolution of the characters as I am writing my story. I hand write my books first, that way I can write anywhere I am. I keep a separate small idea book with me to jot notes on. I realizes that physically writing something isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but when you are putting it into the computer, you will find your creativity sparked in this endeavor. An evolution occurs when you are going into your second draft and it really lend a fresh continuity to the story. I also keep a dictionary and a writer’s thesaurus by my bed (last ditch effort to get some rest). Flipping through the pages and finding interesting words to attach to characters gets you thinking (try pusillanimous, LACKING COURAGE; COWARDLY; FAINT-HEARTED)

GIVE YOUR CHARACTERS SUBSTANCE AND ROOT THEM TO YOU – The second thing I do is listen to music, something that sets the tone of what I am writing about, example: One of my of my characters is pushing her relationship to the brink of destruction and I have found that SAY SOMETHING BY :JASON BLACK, really put a feeling on the two characters for me. Going back to the music helps to find my characters again. Music evokes emotion, emotion that you as the writer will give to the character. By keeping a play list or song to attach to characters or scenes in your writing, you are creating a tangible connection to your writing and that will give you a tether to find that inspiration again.

IF YOU CAN’T BE CREATIVE, BE PRODUCTIVE – The last thing that I do is go back and edit another chapter in the book. By editing, I find that my mind is refocusing on different aspects of the story and I am at least being productive when my creativity has hit a wall. I find going back and editing something I have already written lets me add or tweak something that I thought of later in the writing process. You will find as you read your chapter, you mind begins to wake up and the editing process, revives those missing creative juices. Again the dictionary and thesaurus work here too. These two physical books should be your companion and well worn. Falling in love with words is a beautiful love affair that never takes and always gives.

While I know these may not work for you, they are what work for me and may give you some inspiration to find little things that work for you. I look forward to see what works for you, please feel free to leave your ideas for myself and other writers and good luck!


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