Looking to the past for your Future…

They say “learn from your past.” I firmly agree with this statement and have recently taken that to heart. I have created a character recently, but not sure where to go with the back story. Since my all my characters have extremely long life cycles, I found myself looking up witch trials and where the myth of werewolves come from and found a period ripe with superstition and mystery. My character Jehanne has been lost to the flames of her last violent death for over 200 years and looking back in the time I was able to select a number of other strong women that surrounded her in that time.

The past is ripe for the picking. Find a time and the characters will leap of the page for you. But please remember to please get your facts straight and site your references, if it is called for. Using multiple sources will help you get a full picture of what you want your character to be.

My Jehanne is strong, intelligent but from her 200 years in the flames, conflicted about what The Fallen are truly fighting for. A good back story lets you convey to the reader what the future of the character will be. So it is back to the flames and conflict for me. I look forward to any comments from my readers (as I find them)!


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