When the B key sticks!

You never know how often you use a letter when you are writing until the key begins to stick and then you pull out ever thesaurus known to man to keep using that word. I have looked at the B button on my laptop and thought about how many times I have run into something in my own life that sticks and rather than fix it, I try an end run around the situation, so I don’t have to deal with the situation at hand.

This situation came about with a very jealous muse, Mister Wilson deciding he wanted a turn on the laptop too. One paw swipe across my keyboard and the only casualty was the B button sticking. My Black incubus has caused me to attempt an investigation of the problem, of which I am not qualified, nor have the proper tools and I have further dug myself into a hole.

So now I have lost the B key on my laptop and the major words in my Books are BLOOD, BOUND, BONDED and UNBONDED. The lesson I learned from the B key sticking, ask for help, seek help from the experts and face the problem before you lose your B key again.


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